Cotton & Fabric Trading

A Leading supplier of Textile Solutions, involved in sourcing and supplying first-rate cotton, high-quality used textile machines and transferring know-how to operate textile mills efficiently.

About us

Our founding team comprises Visionary Entrepreneurs, and we have multi-decade experience in the Textile Industry.

We have also been one of the great pioneers of Textile related industrialisation in a few Asian Countries and have been related to many firsts in the Textile Industry. We have pioneered adopting the latest technologies and modern production techniques and incorporated them into the Textile Industry. With the best practices from around the world, we transferred the expertise to the client base in many parts of the world.

Our Services

  • Textile Factory Valuation
  • Managing Textile Operations
  • Relocating Textile Operations
  • Developing New Textile Products
  • Machine Listing
  • Specialty Products

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