Our high-quality cotton meets the international standard used in making woven fabrics, clothing, bedsheets and towels, and underwear. We focus on each area of the cotton life cycle from fibre through the finished product.

Refurbished Textile Machinery Sourcing

We are the kingpin when it comes to providing top-quality refurbished textile machinery to textile operations, prospective investors and emerging companies.

Series of immense odyssey over the years helped us enhance our proficiency, and this enabled us to deliver custom-tailored machines for our customers. The machines are chosen conscientiously by analysing the needs of the individual customer. After assiduous consideration, the machines are inspected, dismantled, packed, shipped, installed and commissioned. The complete package earned us the nickname, suppliers of “experienced machines”.


Yarn & Fabrics

We purvey top quality fibres which can be used in knitting, crocheting, ropemaking, embroidery and fabrics and are available in various counts, dyed or undyed in single or multi-plies. We also supply customized products based on the requirements.

We produce high quality tested fabrics including Polyester, Cotton, Denim, Nylon, Viscose, and a multitude of its blends are used for Knitting, Weaving, and various other applications.

Textile Consultancy Services

Guiding textile mills to walk along the right lines of success.

Our Value Proposition

We help our clients discover their hidden potential and intensify it to witness an increase in revenue with decreased fixed and variable costs.

Key Services

Boosting required skills and ensuring sustainability.