About Us

About Us

Our founding team comprises Visionary Entrepreneurs, and we have multi-decade experience in the Textile Industry.

We have also been one of the great pioneers of Textile related industrialisation in a few Asian Countries and have been related to many firsts in the Textile Industry. We have pioneered adopting the latest technologies and modern production techniques and incorporated them into the Textile Industry. With the best practices from around the world, we transferred the expertise to the client base in many parts of the world.

Entrust us

Entrust us and witness the performance boost in your textile enterprise operation.

Being a top player in the textile marketplace based out of Dubai, NANAIMO ENTERPRISES DMCC provides a wide assortment of solutions for emerging companies, potential investors and well-established textile operations. In addition to trading textile machines and procuring raw materials, such as cotton and fabric, we help reinvigorate the textile plants back to their original condition. With our outstanding team members and odyssey of experience in this industry, we showcase a consistent performance in all our operations and undertakings.

We have started as a small team of aspiring experts in the Textile Industry and have grown into a full fledged supplier of Raw Materials, Machineries and the knowhow to the leading national and international clientele across the globe. The purpose of our association is to increase productivity and growth in the world’s textile marketplace.


To be a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for the textile industry across the world.


To become the world’s renowned company in offering top quality products and services from trading to consulting and help connect buyers and sellers in the textile industry.

We, at NANAIMO ENTERPRISES DMCC, believe that our success depends on our clients’ success. We have built expertise in the entire Textile spectrum and spread across the continents with a team of talented and out-of-box thinkers to learn and help solve clients’ complex issues.

NANAIMO ENTERPRISES DMCC will build businesses and platforms to reward our shareholders with steady and consistent returns.


  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Innovative
  • Customer-Driven
  • Professionalism
  • Team Work